Saturday, March 1, 2014

I'm Back!!!!! (Bookish Spiderman Tag)

I'm SO, SO, SO sorry for the brief hiatus this month. I've been extremely busy with school and some other stuff, but I am back!! And, for today, I'm going to be doing the Bookish Spiderman Tag. I was tagged by abookadaykeepsthelibrarianaway, so, if you haven't already, please check her out.
This tag was created by TheReading Rhodes, so click the video on the right to watch it! So, let's get into it!

So, the premise of the tag is you have to choose a book character to fit the character from Spiderman, and then, at the end, they are all put together for a description of the story you've created. Let's get started!!!!!

1. Peter Parker (favorite male character/main character/hero)
This one is a little obvious, but I choose Harry Potter. He's a wizard and he's kind, funny, sweet, cute, and just a great character. He's very brave as well.

2. Harry Osborn (male character/best friend that turns against hero)
I choose Al from Divergent. I know that's a little iffy, but I love Al, even after the horrible things he did. He was battling demons, and, in that rush, he turned against Tris because he was so hurt.

3. Gwen Stacy (female character/love interest)
For Gwen, I am copying the booktuber Bekah AwesoemBookNut (she is AMAZING, check her out). She said that Gwen Stacy dies, so she chose a character who she likes but isn't so attached to them. And I choose the same character Bekah chose- America from The Selection. I like America, but I just hated her in The Elite, so I would choose her. Plus, she has red hair, like Gwen.

4. Mary Jane Watson (female character/love interest/hero)
For Mary Jane, I choose Phoebe from Oh. My. Gods. Phoebe is very independent and kind. She's brave and witty. She's smart and she is such an amazing character. She's kind of different from America, which is probobably good for Harry.

5. Uncle Ben (father figure/uncle who eventually dies)
I choose Mr. Today from The Unwanteds. Mr. Todayis like the dad to all of the kids and even teachers and guardians in Artime, so he is an amazing father figure, and I think he would be a great dad for Harry.

6.  Aunt May (mother figure/aunt who raises hero)
I choose Amma from Beautiful Creatures. Even though you get a little upset with her at times, Amma is an amazing surrogate mother to Ethan after his mother dies...and before that, really.

7. Green Goblin (villain/arch enemy)
I choose Jeanine from Divergent. She is very ruthless and power-hungry, so it's very difficult to defeat her, which makes her a great villain. She thinks things out, and her last-minute moves are rare.\

8. New York City (place/location)
I choose Paris! Paris is the setting in Anna and the French Kiss and Getting A Life, Even If You're Dead. Paris just makes everything so amazing.

9. Stan Lee (author/creator)
I choose Lauren Oliver, who wrote Before I Fall, the Delirium trilogy, and Liesel and Po. She is a great author and I love her writing style and her character development.

Here's the description!

A brand new story by Lauren Oliver, featuring a hero named Harry Potter. He is raised by his Aunt Amma and his Uncle Today. His uncle eventually dies when killed by a random criminal. This inspires Harry to avenge his uncle and fight evil in Paris, their hometown. He falls in love with America Singer, who is killed by arch enemy Jeanine. Harry kills Jeanine in the fight that ensues after the tragic event. Jeanine's son, Al, who also happens to be Harry's best friend, takes his mother's place as arch enemy, seeking revenge. Soon after all of this occurs, Harry falls in love with Phoebe Castro, who joins him in his fight against evil by becoming a hero herself.

I hope you enjoyed this! Please do this tag! I tag YOU! Yes, YOU!!!!

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