Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentines Day Book Tag

I know, it's like, two years old, but....

1. Favorite basic romance plot
I like it to be a subplot. I normally don't read books where the main plot is romance.

2. Favorite classic romance
Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.

3. Favorite feel-good romance
Amber and Pierre from Getting A Life, Even If You're Dead.

4. Favorite sad romance
Tris and Four from Divergent.

5. Favorite genre to add romance to

6. Least favorite romance of all time
Ron and Lavendar from Harry Potter.

7. Favorite literary couple in general
America and Maxon from The Selection.

8. If you could have one literary significant other, who would it be?
Maxon from The Selection.

Not book related

9. Do you have a special someone this Valentines Day?
Yes, I do.

10. Favorite V-Day candy

11. Will you wear white, red, pink or none of those on V-Day?
None. I'm wearing blue and black.

12. Favorite romance movie
The Notebook or P.S. I Love You.

13. Favorite love song- may have up to five
Love Song by Sara Barielles, Diana by One Direction, She Loves You by the Beatles, I Want You Back by the Jackson Five, and Sugar Pie (Honey Bunch) by the Four Tops.

14. Favorite thing about V-Day
Expressing your love!

15. Least favorite thing about V-Day
Nothing, really.

16. What are you doing this V-Day?
Hanging out with my friends, family, and boyfriend.


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