Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine's Day Special: Top 10 Fictional/Literary Couples

Hey everyone! So, in honor of the upcoming Valentine's Day, I am going to be sharing with you my top ten literary couples. These are in no particular order, because I couldn't decide on my favorites out of this list. And, I didn't want to have EVERY couple on this list be super popular, so I did six populars and four that are a little lesser-known. So, without further ado, let's get started:

1. America and Maxon (The Selection)
Despite my negative feelings toward America, I love this couple. They are so real, and they seem like they're in love with each other. I enjoy reading their love story, and they are just so amazing.

2. Tris and Four (Divergent)
Do I really have to explain this? I love Tris and Four. They really belong together, and I see the "real couple" aspect in them that I see in America and Maxon as well. One problem with YA books these days is that it's hard to find romance in books that just doesn't seem fake to me, and they are real.

3. Hazel and Augustus (The Fault In Our Stars)
Once again, I really don't think I need to explain this. Okay? Okay. *Teardrop* They just have their own little infinity. *More teardrops*

4. June and Day (Legend)
The fact that such opposites and enemies, really, could fall in love with each other really tugs at the heartstrings and shows us that the heart wants what the heart wants.

5. Annie and Finnick (The Hunger Games)
Poor Annie and Finnick. I should probably stop talking, because I'll say some spoilers. They're just meant to be. And that's that.

6. Hermione and Ron (Harry Potter)
I mean, come on, guys. Duh!

7. Janie and Benjamin (The Apothecary)
I highly recommend that you pick up this series by Maile Meloy. I absolutely love Janie and Benjamin as a couple. They fit together so well, and nothing can separate them in these two books, and they have faced a lot of challenges and obstacles.

8. Kendra and Loic (Getting a Life, Even if You're Dead)
Oh, the feels. I just- ok, I'm speechless. I was amazed at how much I was obsessed with Kendra and Loic. I cannot wait for the next book in this series to see what happens with them. They are very emotional and just...I love them, ok? I love them.

9. Paige and Ryan (Erased)
Despite my mixed feelings about this book by Margaret Chatwin, I really love this couple and how much they go through, yet they're still together at the end of the book. They are very strong and I think they have so much in common.

10. Cleopatra Selene and Juba (Cleopatra's Moon)
Oh, how I loved this book. It was pretty amazing. And, this relationship actually took place. The two got married, but this book fictionally (or possibly not) filling in the gaps with what we don't know about them. The book isn't just about the romance, but it is a key factor, especially toward the end. And this is my historical ship after reading this book.

And those are my top ten! Thank you so much for reading. It means the world to me! Please follow and comment. It would mean a lot. Happy Valentine's Day!

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