Tuesday, February 11, 2014

If I Were A Book Tag

This tag was created by Jenni Marie.  Here is the original tag: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8_jFcIzRqQ

What would the title of your book be?
I choose It's Kind of a Funny Story. This book was originally written by Ned Vizzini, who recently passed away, but the title really defines my life.  I have an amazing life that's been very sad and stressful, but it's kind of a funny story to tell.

What author would write your story?
Lauren Oliver would write my story, because she is just so talented and she can extraordinarily write any genre or mood.

What book cover would you choose?
I would choose the cover of Scumble by Ingrid Law. Not only is the cover really colorful and creative, it goes really well with the title.

Would your book be a paperback or a hardcover?
It would be a hardcover.

How long would it be?
It would be about 400 pages, because I think that's a really good length so it's not too small so that the story (because it's so complex) can't be told effectively, but it's not so long that it's just stretching the story out dramatically.

What genre would it be and why?
It would be dystopian, because I would want to share the loose ends of my story in a more dramatical and exciting way, and I think placing it in a dystopian world, maybe like the Divergent trilogy, would really make it interesting.

Whose review would you want printed on the back of your book?
I would want John Green's review on the back of my book. I think that would be such a huge honor.

Thanks for reading, and PLEASE do this tag and leave the link in the comments. Bye!

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