Sunday, November 3, 2013

  Hello, all!  Welcome to Book Chirp!  This is my little fun eclectic blog, where I chirp about YA novels, my passion, as well as some other things such as tags.  But really, this is all about YA and some other genres occasionally.  Please read my profile for information about me and inquires!  Or I could just tell you right now.  I guess I'll do that.

  My name is Wren, yes, just like the bird.  I guess I should tell you that it's not my real name(as in not on my birth certificate) but I do go by it with everyone.  I just think Wren is an amazing, cool, eclectic, alternative, rare name.  So my name is Wren.  I love reading, writing, thinking, playing sports, being in nature, hanging with friends, and so many other cool things like photography!  I'm thinking about becoming a hippie.  I am a vegetarian and I once was vegan for a month growing up but my parents didn't let me continue.  I'm going to try again maybe.  I love learning new things and trying new things. This may sound weird, but I really like to face my fears.  I don't wear makeup because it makes my skin feel weird and I believe that you don't need makeup to be beautiful.

  If you want me to read your original book, please email me at  I guess I should write a review policy, but currently, I'm open to reading pretty much anything.   I look forward to reading all your books!  I accept books from authors and publishers.  If you didn't write the book but you think that it's just the best book ever, email me and I'll read it!

  Thanks everyone!  I look forward to blogging and talking to you guys!

            Wren a.k.a. Book Chirp

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