Friday, November 8, 2013


  Hey chirpers!  So, I finished Allegiant a couple of days ago- I know- and I'm going to talk about it today.  I know that it's taken me a while to write this review, but I think I am finally emotionally ready to talk about this.

  So, first of all, this was TOTALLY not my favorite book.  I mean, there was just so much that was revealed and erupted.  So much was just dumped onto us in Allegiant and that annoys me.  And all of this 'Divergent' stuff that's been going on in Divergent and Insurgent- we think it's some superpower, but it's just "damaged" and "pure" genes.  Also, the fact that they just left Chicago and went outside the fence to a new life and they never returned just makes me angry.  I think they should have gone back and fixed Chicago or something.  You don't just abandon it for this new place that's equally sucky.  I mean, if outside the fence was paradise, then stay by all means, but it's JUST AS FLAWED AS CHICAGO!

  Yawn.  To be honest, I did some of this while reading this book.  It wasn't as exciting as the others, and it could have been just as much more exciting and it could have kept me on the edge of my seat and it didn't.  Mostly everything was predictable- Nita is bad.  Tris forgives Tobias.  You see what I mean?  Even I saw red flags when Tris escorted Caleb to his doom in the end.  Of course she would save him and sacrifice herself for the cause- SHE WAS ABNEGATION!  And how could Nita possibly be good?  Nita sends Tobias notes to meet her late at night-RED FLAG- and talks about a rebellion-RED FLAG.  He can't tell anyone-RED FLAG- and she wants him to disable the alarm system-RED FLAG.

  Tris and Tobias?  I didn't like seeing both of their point of views.  I got so confused because I thought I was reading from Tris but I was reading from tobias and I thought I was ending from Tobias but I was reading from Tris.  Why couldn't she just do Tris?  I watched the interview with Veronica Roth, I know she said that she would be leaving stuff out, but I think she still could have told a beautiful story with just Tris- just like she did with the others!

  WHY KILL TRIS?  That's all I ask, Veronica, I mean, really, why?  Why end it like that?  Why do that?  I know that you're trying to make a fantasy book as realistic as possible but I'm still just so angry!
Why leave Tobias?  And Tobias is probably going to move on and marry some hot chick.  WHY?

  So...yeah...ummmm...I think I'm just going to back to crying...

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